Monday, May 16, 2011

Review for Monster Energy--Assault


160 mg/16 oz. can
240 mg/24 oz. can


I don’t see Monster Energy—Assault everywhere I see the original, but it’s pretty dang close.  If you don’t find it at one location, it’s almost guaranteed that you will find it at the next.


The design of the can consists of a very cool stylized camouflage motif in black with shades of gray surrounding a blood-red version of the classic Monster M in its usual place.  The effect is (at least) the look of a drink that means business, as though it really is out to be the “meanest energy supplement on the planet.”


The taste, at its core, has some resemblance to the original Monster Energy, though it is, for all intents and purposes, a distinct beverage.  There is a new flavor in there—cherry or something of the sort—that lends some individuality to the drink, but the deviation is manifest mostly as a substantially increased and very agreeable sourness.  It’s a dang tasty drink to be sure, and a welcome respite to anyone looking for a fresh new take on something that’s otherwise same ‘ol, same ol’.

16-OZ. CAN


The kick delivered by the 16-oz. can is commendable, even managing to be more effective than the original.  True to the namesake, the effect is akin to a sort of energy assault—out of the drink, you get a fairly high level of energy with plenty of jitters; in my mind this beverage has proved itself to be more deserving of the Monster Energy company’s boasts than the original.


The kick of Monster Energy—Assault is reasonably long lasting, maybe outdoing the original (again) by a half hour or so and offering a similar lack of appreciable crash.  Not much of a difference, but all the same enough that I felt the need to make note of it.


In my book, Monster Energy—Assault surpasses the original in just about every area where it matters (no small praise).  If it catches your eye and piques your curiosity, know that this is not the sort of drink by which you will be let down.

24-OZ. CAN


The 24-oz. can is certainly more powerful than the 16-oz. can, even if not by a significant degree.  I am to a degree torn as to whether the kick is worth the extra price and sugar, and I think I’ll end my commentary there.  I think the uncertainty is statement enough.


Even if the difference in intensity from the 16-oz. version wasn’t exceptionally noteworthy, the duration was.  I think one can plan on enjoying an energized state for at least five hours before any wearing off is appreciably noticeable.


So there you have it—the 24-oz. Monster Energy—Assault.  Tastes dandy, totes an impressive kick.  Is it worth purchasing over the 16-oz. can?  As I’m uncertain, I’ll leave that up to the reader.  Take the data and do what you will with it.

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  1. Thank you for the detailed review. I'm drinking one 500ml (which should be 24 oz for Americans) can of this exact energy drink right now and it tastes so good, wanted to know more about its effects and how will the "kick" last.


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