Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review for Nawgan--Red Berries


100 mg


Scattered, as of yet—unless you happen to live near a Safeway.


Nawgan doesn’t really do a whole lot for me—it’s just a white can with a brain on it.  Appropriate, I suppose, given that it’s a ‘help-you-think’ sort of beverage (owing to the presence of a compound the makers of Nawgan call Cognizin citicoline), but it still elicits no response from me.


Standard red berry fare (mostly raspberry, but with strawberry to mellow out the tartness…you know the drill), but impressive for the fact that you can’t taste the stevia.


You know, it probably would have been smart of me to drink this when I was about to study rather than when I was almost dead on my feet—maybe I would have been able to perceive some brain-boosting functions.  As was, I found that the experience amounted to an underwhelming degree of alertness.


What little I got only lasted about an hour and 45 minutes—not impressive.


I wasn’t terribly impressed with Nawgan—Red Berries, but then again, I was employing it in the sort of situation for which the drink was not necessarily made.  I can see it being helpful if I find myself in a situation in which I’m not extraordinarily drowsy and am in need of a slight boost, but other than that, I’d stick with something stronger.


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