Monday, July 29, 2013

Review for Hydrive Energy--Vitamin


160 mg


I travel the northwest quite frequently and extensively, and I’ve never actually encountered this.  For me it took a sibling who travels weekly for a living to find them, so unless you know of a place nearby that sells them, you’re quite out of luck.


Much like the others, I appreciate the clean design and slim, easy-to-grasp bottle, and like the others this holds a sort of appeal that is unique; in this case it looks to me like the sort of breakfast drink I’d grab if I woke up particularly thirsty.


On top of looking like a breakfast drink, this tastes like a breakfast drink—and a particularly delicious one.  The advertised “citrus blast” consists of the flavors of mandarin oranges, tangerines, and maybe even some peach and mango—though those last two aren’t citrus fruits, they add appreciable dimension to the drink and have certainly earned their place in it.


I’m starting to wish that all of Hydrive’s beverages were as caffeinated as their Extra Power offerings; I’m really not all that impressed with the efficacy of the others.  This made for a decent mid-afternoon pick-me-up, but the appreciably functional period that I really savor in an energy drink lasted only about an hour—not enough time to get everything I need to get done taken care of by a long shot.  The other two hours I was awake enough, but still kind of dragging my feet.

As for the “vitamin” part of the formula—you get 200% the recommended daily value of your B vitamins, some calcium, and…25% of your recommended daily value of vitamin A.  Don’t look for much of a difference in terms of your boost, but if you find you’re seeing better at night when you’re drinking these, you might need to work some carrots into your diet.


Three hours.  No crash was experienced, but tired as I was it was really easy to tell when this had worn off.


Tastes pretty dang good, but works just alright.  If this ever pops up nearby I think I’ll drink two and report back on the difference, because I don’t think a single bottle is really good enough for much.

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