Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review for Monster Nitrous--Anti-Gravity


160 mg


Like Monster Nitrous—Super Dry, you can find it just about anywhere, though I’ve never actually seen anyone buying it.  It seems that fewer and fewer places are actually stocking it nowadays, but for now, finding it should be fairly effortless.


The can follows the standard Monster Nitrous format, with the black angled M front and center with a chaotic background to add to the sense of disorder and deviation from the norm; in this case it’s a network of orange and yellow, similar to what bone marrow would look like under a microscope (speaking from experience).


This is one of the tastier orange-inspired drinks I’ve had—exceptionally smooth, and with just the right degree of sweetness to it.  In my mind, it’s a great breakfast drink.  Also, it was probably a good idea that the size was limited to the 12-oz resealable nitrous can—you ever drink a large quantity of something you really enjoy, only to find out that it was just too much?  Such is the case here—it’s pretty good, but if it were much more than 12 oz, in the can, it would probably be overwhelming.


The kick was definitely more pronounced than what I got out of Monster Nitrous—Super Dry, but still a hair below average.  It was enough to keep me awake to study for my anatomy test later that afternoon, and maybe would have been enough for a long drive, but I would still prefer to go with something a little more potent than this stuff in the case of the latter.


Hard to tell.  It worked for a while, then it seemed to be over, but then after that, I seemed to be jolted back to consciousness for another good while.  I’m going to be safe and err on the side of caution in a numeric value to the duration.


In the end, I concede that I approve of this stuff, though my support feels kind of flimsy as I write it out—it tastes pretty dang good, but the kick leaves plenty to be desired.  As I said before, it would make for a spectacular breakfast drink, better for an early morning pick-me-up than something requiring something strong and long-lasting.


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