Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review for Venom Energy--Killer Taipan


170 mg


Found in all the same places with all the frequency as the other two, which is to say, "scattered at best."


As with any Venom Energy product, packaging on this one kicks butt.  The only thing I’ve ever seen top a Venom Energy product in terms of the look is another Venom Energy product; in this case only Venom Energy—Black Mamba tops this.


It’s a decent effort; definitely more inspired than “Monster Energy—Khaos.”  Tastes kind of like those peach rings you can buy in bulk at places like WinCo, except mango flavored.  The flavor actually doesn’t last all that long, however, and the sweetness does become a bit much.  It does have the Venom Energy fizz in its favor, so I can’t say it’s all bad.


Definitely the weakest of the three I’ve tried so far; enough to keep me awake, but not especially alert.  A bit second-rate, truth be told.


Not much more long lasting than it is intense.  Also second-rate.


I’m not wild about this one.  It’s second to something in just about everything—if you like mango, it’s topped by Rockstar Juiced—Mango; if you like Venom Energy it’s surpassed by both Black Mamba and Death Adder (especially Death Adder); and when it comes to kick, it’s actually below what consider to be the line of optimal effectiveness.  If you must, give it a shot; otherwise stick with Venom Energy—Death Adder.  Or even Venom Energy—Black Mamba.


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