Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review for Xenergy Cran Razz Premium


200 mg


Hit and miss.  You’ll find most Xyience products in clusters, so there’s not really one that’s more common than the other.


Still not wild about the aluminum, but the simplicity of the design with the spheres and bar codes and what not are growing on me.  Other than that, the design is dependent upon the colors of the spheres, which I like in this case.


This is one of those Raiders of the Lost Ark-style beverages—the more I drink it, the more I like it, and the more my previous assessment seems inadequate.  It does actually taste like real cranberries and raspberries, but wisely understates the profound tartness of the cranberries, which could very easily prove distracting from the flavor itself.  It is a bold, full-bodied, and well-rounded flavor, and something I could easily see myself drinking on a fairly regular basis.


In terms of strength, I find very little lacking in Cran Razz Premium.  The thing that I find most impressive, however, is the fact that there’s so little wasted here—this isn’t a drink conducive to erratic, wanton buzzing.  It lies more on the functional end of the spectrum—when you need to get a lot done and don’t have the energy to do it, this is exactly the sort of drink you want to have handy.


Consistent with my previous experiences with Xyience products, the energy effect is quite long lasting—perfect, in my mind, for a long day of studying or writing a research paper on fetal alcohol syndrome, or for getting through a heck of a busy day at the clinic where you work…whatever you happen to be doing at the time.


Given my experience with Xenergy Cran Razz Premium, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we started to see Xyience break apart the mainstream energy drink monopoly and establish itself as part of the norm.  The flavor of this drink is fantastic, the kick especially effective, and, to top it all off, does all this without loading you with calories.  This is about as real an experience as an energy drink’s going to give you—if you are able to do so, I highly recommend you giving it the opportunity to work its wonders.

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