Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review for Monster Rehab--Lemonade


170 mg/16 oz. can
244 mg/24 oz. can


Monster was pretty aggressive about getting this one out there, and consequentially you can find it just about anywhere.


I have mixed feelings about the Monster Energy Company as a whole, but you can’t deny they know how to package a drink, and that goes more especially for the more recent ones.  Monster Rehab—Lemonade is an excellent example—the chaotic yellow background behind the black Monster M is a winning combination that commands the attention of any energy drink seeker, and even having been out a while, the look never gets old—it always catches my eye as though something brand new.


I’m guessing that the Rehab line is meant to be competition to Rockstar’s Recovery line—all the stuff about hydration and reviving and what not being things that they share in common.  But anyway, as far as flavor is concerned, Rehab—Lemonade has got its Rockstar Recovery competitor beat—no contest.  While Rockstar Recovery—Lemonade isn’t much more than a caffeinated Crystal Lite, Monster Rehab—Lemonade boasts a much more convincing and somewhat muted lemonade flavor.  The one complaint I had after drinking the 16 oz. can was the faint sucralose flavor—while I don’t find the stuff bothersome as a general rule, it seemed so out of place I couldn’t help but find it distracting.  Then I went through the others of the Rehab line, and came back to review the 23 oz. can, and lo!  I couldn’t detect the sucralose—there was only refreshing lemonade awesomeness.

16 OZ. CAN


Experiencing the effects for the first time, I have to say that Monster did well with the Rehab blend—I took this can down after a day of having a cold, and it perked me right up.  I wasn’t so much jittery as I was just very, very awake and much chattier than usual.  If you’re feeling beat and need something to perk you up, this is definitively the way to go.


The 16 oz. can kept me going long enough to make it through last few hours of the day—dinner, cleaning up around the house, helping my wife tend the son, etc.  I wouldn’t drink it right before bed, but if you’ve got about 4 hours between the time you get home beat and the time you go to bed, this will do just fine.


I have to say I approve of the 16 oz. Rehab—Lemonade.  Monster did a very good job with the flavor, and the kick is commendable, but more than anything, I appreciate how well it fills its niche as a recovery drink and gets you back in the game after said game’s chewed you up and spat you out.  That said, I’m certain that it is useful for a wide array of other energy-requiring situations, but I recommend it be used mostly for its express rehab purposes, and that it (or other Rehab drink) be selected for such before any other drink.

24 OZ. CAN


I found the 23 oz. Rehab—Lemonade to be way more potent than the 16 oz. can.  I took a while taking it down, just because I enjoyed it so much, and it wasn’t long after I’d finished that I was experiencing smooth, full-blown caffeine buzz.  It was nice, though, because while it was particularly intense, it wasn’t so hardcore as to be overwhelming—all I can really say is that it was just a great point of energy to be at.


I got five hours of high-functioning efficacy out of the 23 oz. Rehab—Lemonade before I was ready to sit down and have a decent rest—need I say more?


Well, if you’re going to go the Monster Rehab—Lemonade route, go for the 23 oz. can.   While I have nothing but good to say about the 16 oz. can, the 23 oz. can just delivers more of it—and while more isn’t necessarily better, in the case of Rehab—Lemonade, it most definitely is.

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  1. Caffeine content for the 16 oz is now 162. Noticed when I bought a can today.


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