Saturday, November 3, 2012

Review for Nitro 2 Go Mega Shot--Sweet Berry


Unknown—but doubtless formidable.  Read on.


Only place I’ve seen this is at Maverick’s gas stations out west.  Good news if you’re looking to get your hands on it and live near one of these, bad news if not.


They just don’t get any more generic than this.  Huge words in a plethora of different fonts and a cheesy sunburst pattern in the background make this one look shoddier than most.  Only thing that calls your attention to it and keeps it from fading into the background with the rest of the overly flashy impulse buys at the counter is that it’s one freaking huge shot—kind of hard to pass over a shot that’s towering over its competitors, at least in the literal sense.


When Big Red Boots told me that I would find at least as many 5 Hour Energy clones in shots as I did Red Bull clones in drinks, I was almost loath to believe it, especially after actually trying one and tasting how bad it was.  Well, I’m starting to find that such is indeed the case, this Sweet Berry shot being an example.  It’s as fake and medicinal tasting as any energy shot out there, but tastes perhaps a hair better—mainly because they get to dilute the generally bitter energy ingredients in four ounces of liquid.  Still, in terms of taste, it’s nothing that I’d be in any hurry to get a hold of.


 You looking for a serious shot?  Nitro 2 Go Mega Shot—Sweet Berry is a really freaking serious shot.  In terms of energy, it is definitely one of the more intense ones out there—I’d compare it to either of the 5 Hour Energy Extra Strength shots, except with more jitters.


I didn’t get the advertised 14 hours out of this shot…but I did get 10.  And let me tell you—they were very, very jittery.  Did observe a crash after the fact, but nothing really worthy of any extended scorn.


Like the convenience of energy shots?  Need a big freaking bucketload of energy?  Don’t care what your energy-delivering agent tastes like?  Nitro 2 Go Mega Shot—Sweet Berry is definitely the way to go.


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