Saturday, January 21, 2012

Review for Jamba Blueberry Pomegranate


80 mg


Jamba Blueberry Pomegranate is plentiful as long as you live in a place where there’s a Jamba Juice nearby.  They are easy to find around here, but elsewhere…can’t really vouch for elsewhere.


This is about what you’d expect from an all-natural drink from Jamba—stock images of fruits and a pleasant light green.  It makes me want to go get a Jamba Juice more than anything else, really.


My feelings on Jamba Blueberry Pomegranate were more mixed than negative, as they were with the other two flavors.  I don’t really taste the stevia in it per se, but there is an excessive sweetness that kind of messes with the blueberry pomegranate experience, which is more intense flavorwise than the others and really isn’t all that bad.


This drink, I will confess, caught me off guard—with the exception of the addition of green tea extract, Jamba Blueberry Pomegranate is no different from the others in terms of energy ingredients (I think…), but I didn’t expect it to hit like it did.  It was a mere 10 minutes or so before I was buzzing around my apartment and recognized what I was experiencing as honest-to-goodness jitters—that’s just weird for a drink with a caffeine content this low, but that’s the way it panned out.


Jamba Blueberry Pomegranate actually had a pretty decent staying power—3½ hours or so of efficacy before the end arrived without a crash.


The flavor isn’t my cup of Jamba, but this is as much as I’ve gotten out of so little caffeine.   If only for that, I’d say give it a shot.

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