Sunday, November 18, 2012

Review for Turkey Perky Jerky


150 mg


It’s easy enough for me to find—just a quick trip to Winco and I can leave with as many bags as is economically feasible.  And…if they sell it at Winco, chances are it is sold at a number of locations elsewhere.


I do love how effective the minimalistic look of Turkey Perky Jerky (wow…and I thought just “Perky Jerky” was fun to say) is, my only problem with it is the Turkey on the front—try as you might, it’s just not easy to make a turkey look bad*ss the way they did the bull on Perky Jerky.

Still works pretty well.


This is head and shoulders above just about any turkey jerky I’ve had—they aren’t kidding when they call it “Ultra Premium”, and a quick scan of the ingredients tells you this was never some cut ‘n dry product.  I have to say I prefer the original better, but only because I’m partial to the texture of dried beef over that of dried turkey.

But…it’s still really freaking good jerky.


Same as Perky Jerky—not a huge boost, but enough to get me (yes, I’m really about to say it) perky and bounce a little bit on my walk to class.


One and a half hours of energy can be anticipated out of all this—which doesn’t make it the longest-lasting product I’ve ever had, but given how insanely good it is, I don’t particularly care.


You like turkey jerky?  Perky Turkey Jerky is a must-try.  Need a boost that is both delicious and healthy?   Turkey Perky Jerky is a fantastic option.   Don’t fit into any of those categories?  Doesn’t matter.  You still really need to try Turkey Perky Jerky.


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