Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review for Venom Energy--Death Adder


170 mg


Venom Energy—Death Adder is about as easy to find as any other Venom Energy product.  A trend I’ve noticed is that if one place carries one, it typically will carry them all, and I imagine this is the reason behind the trend in commonality.


Even if I don’t like the orange as much as I do the red of Black Mamba, the snake eye design still kicks some serious butt—I have no reason to take off points.  There’s not a single color variation I’ve seen that the Venom Energy can does not pull off nicely.  Just cross your fingers and pray that they don’t ever try pearl pink or olive green….


Fruit punch…just thinking about the prospect of another like Rockstar Punched—Tropical Fruit Punch or Vegas Fuel scared me.  Opening the can, I was terrified that the experience was going to have an ugly end.  Then I took a drink, and…wow.  Venom Energy—Death Adder is delicious.  If Rockstar Punched—Tropical Fruit Punch and Vegas Fuel are to be likened unto stuff you’d expect to get out of a vending machine at Wal-Mart, Venom Energy—Death Adder is a drink you’d expect to be poured into your glass by a well-dressed employee at a poolside party at a five-star hotel in the Bahamas on a warm, clear, calm evening.  The exquisite flavor and perfect balance of sweet and tart would be hard to top on their own, but Venom Energy—Death Adder does just that by adding the characteristic Venom Energy fizz.  The result is a drink that is truly the textbook definition of sublime.


Here’s another attribute where I was impressed.  The kick was not the most intense I’ve ever had, but dang if it wasn’t one of the best—it’s not the kind that will give you the jitters and make you obnoxious, but you are completely and unmistakably awake, alert, and focused—kind of the ideal in an energy drink.


So, after the transcendently delicious flavor and the exceptional kick, one almost begins to become nervous, at this point expecting it to be too good to be true.  Surely such a drink must have some sort of downside, and now the only thing left that has the potential to disappoint is the longevity of the alertness effect.  Incredibly enough, Venom Energy—Death Adder delivered in this respect as well, with the effect lasting about as long as any administered by any other energy drink I’ve ever had.  And, four, four and a half hours later, after the effects wore off, there was no crash to speak of.


This might not get a perfect score (even though it’s close) by my scoring rules, but screw itin my book, Venom Energy—Death Adder is second to none.  This stuff blew me away—killer presentation, superb flavor, and a top-notch kick that one hopes for in an energy drink but is rarer than one would expect.  If only for this drink, the Venom Energy line was a worthwhile investment for the Dr. Pepper company.  I award this drink an honorary status of 10/10, and to the individual who hasn’t partaken of this beverage, step away from the computer and go pick up a can with all possible expediency.


KEYWORDS: Venom Death Adder Energy Drink review, fruit punch, high carbonation


  1. Drinking one of these right now! You're right in all your observations. Tastes great...make that GREAT. and picks your sleepy bottom up to trudge through the rest of the work day.

  2. We cant get them anymore in tuscaloosa alabama :-( matter of fact last place I saw them was in huntsville alabama there is no vender that carries them anymore here seems state wide outage and cost too much to order by the case

  3. Venom keeps me awake for hours!!


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