Sunday, January 1, 2012

Review for No Fear Sugar Free


174 mg


Hit-and-miss.  In some places I can find it everywhere, in others it is nowhere to be seen.


Energy drink manufacturers that make drinks like Amp and NOS should take a leaf out of No Fear’s book when it comes to packaging drinks aimed at calorie counters—they don’t have to look bland and flavorless any more than they have to taste that way.  No Fear Sugar Free has the same logo, winged skull, and black backdrop as the original, just with blue accenting, which is in my book no less effective.


Remembering my less-than-positive taste experience with No Fear, I braced myself when I opened No Fear Sugar Free and took a drink…then another, and another.  It had the same misc. fruit flavor as the original, but…not unbearably sweet.  I’d go so far as to call it delicious.  It seems that some flavors just lend themselves best to sugar-free drinks, and I’d say this is one of them.


Alright, so No Fear Sugar Free performed well in the flavor department (in which the original No Fear received a failing grade), but how did it perform in terms of kick?  I’m actually surprised to report that it did exceptionally well.  I have no idea why the sugar free version would be so much more potent than the original, but it is—I was pretty jittery and unmistakably awake, and enjoyed a higher state of functionality as a result of my drinking it.


So…we’ve got tastes good, kicks hard, and now I get to say that No Fear Sugar Free has pretty decent staying power, at least 3¾ hours of unadulterated alertness.


My message with the original No Fear was a repulsed “stay away,” and now, with No Fear Sugar Free, I offer my enthusiastic recommendations.  I enjoyed the taste, I enjoyed the kick, I enjoyed how generally solid it was as an energy drink.  If you happen to stumble across it, it’s worth a try.

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  1. I can't find this anymore and it makes me so sad!


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