Monday, July 1, 2013

Review for NOS Active--Fruit Punch

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224 mg


Not ubiquitous, but not terribly difficult to find either.  Frequenting some of the more localized chains should be fruitful.


Again—functionally this has all its ducks in a row, and aesthetically I have no complaints.  What more can I say?


This might not be the best-tasting hydration beverage I’ve ever had, but considering it’s based on a flavor I like to call “crap fruit punch,” I’d say it does a pretty good job.  There’s no nauseating sweetness, no bubble-gum aftertaste, no noxious carbonation—just a cherry-based fruit blend that could benefit from a bit more flavor enhancement.  All in all, refreshing and easy to get down—which in most circumstances is about what you look for when you reach for a sports drink.


On top of the refreshment virtue, NOS Active boasts a serious boost—and in my book excels as a pre-workout drink.  Regardless of how tired I was when I got up (I shoot for 6:00 A.M. and typically make it), I always got a formidable boost out of these beverages that 1) made it really hard to not be doing something as I ate my breakfast, 2) had me leaping up Jacob’s Ladder for my 30 minutes and sustained me through my weightlifting, and 3) did an excellent job of curtailing my usual post-workout fatigue.  This is definitely going to be a go-to beverage with future workouts in mind.


Really, you only need this to last for an hour, hour and a half or so—long enough to get you to and through the gym.  However, I received a blessed four hours of intense but jitter-free energy—so all things considered this supplies a surplus of performance.  Nothing wrong with that.


NOS Active—Fruit Punch works so well that I’d integrate it into my regular energy product-consuming routine for that alone, but fortunately it tastes good enough that doing so isn’t by any means torture—in fact, the more I think about it the more it grows on me.  Give it a shot and leave your thoughts.


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  1. i still have to try it but all reviews say this drink is nice (:

  2. I bought this flavor today and found that it was expired (since Jan. 2014). The others flavor(s) of NOS Active was expired too. It seems to me that this is a slow mover at the Homeland Stores in my area. I'm trying this later.


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