Saturday, March 23, 2013

Review for Rockstar Energy Water--Orange Tangerine

Before I get started on this review, I apologize that my review for the Blueberry Pomegranate Açaí flavor appeared to have written in 15 minutes—but the fact of the matter is, it was.   I was taking a break from studying for a test when I decided to write it, and needless to say, I wasn’t especially comfortable taking a long break.  This one should be a little more descriptive.


200 mg


Not especially common for the time being, but look forward to seeing it in greater abundance in the future.


Rockstar energy waters look just like a flavored water spiked with caffeine should—bold, intense, and thoroughly attention grabbing.  I didn’t need to be looking for them to see them right as I entered the gas station, and what’s more, once I got around to evaluating it I liked what I saw—especially appreciated was the caffeine content front and center and the lack of a drivel-y paragraph talking about how this beverage is so awesome it’s like concentrated erection in a bottle.  +1 point towards Rockstar on this one.


Out of all three energy waters, I like this one the most.  The orange and tangerine flavors are both clean and pleasant, but the cherry on the sundae is the fact that both are so full-bodied—even more to Rockstar’s credit is the fact that I’ve never been a big flavored water guy just because all the low-calorie ones are so weak in the taste department.  Kudos to Rockstar for managing to make a flavored water that is 1) low-calorie, 2) pleasant to the taste, AND 3) adequately flavorful.


Ah, caffeine…sweet, sweet freaking caffeine.  It’s experiences like these that remind my why I enjoy energy drinks when I have them (yep, cutting back to a max of one a week…don’t worry, those of you that check frequently for new reviews, I’m behind enough on my reviews that I’ll be able to keep them coming even when I decide one week to drink something I’ve already reviewed).  This is the quality of kick I like to get out of my high-intensity energy drinks—intense, but not overbearing; strong enough to make me chatty and in the mood to get things done, but not jittery.  Even if it didn’t taste as good as it does, it would be worth it for the energy.  And, I don’t know if the net result of drinking one of these is hydration, but at the very least you feel like it does.


This drink delivered some of the most productive four hours I’ve had in at least a month, after which no crash was perceptible.


If you’re going to get a Rockstar Energy Water, get this one.  They are all identical in terms of efficacy, but this one distinguishes itself from the rest by tasting pretty darn good.


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