Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review for 5 Hour Energy--Grape


138 mg


As common as any (with the exception of Pink Lemonade and Decaf) 5 Hour Energy product, or dirt, or air, or anything of the sort.


Always love the runner sprinting up mountains at sunset while being chased by the flavor-of-choice for the shot—how can you not love the idea of a shot that delivers sufficient power to flee from giant mutant fruits through awesomely picturesque scenery?  Answer is this—you can’t, but…it’s easy to dismiss the shrink wrap.


Not all that much better than the extra strength version, frankly…maybe less bitter, but it’s still just thin, caffeinated grape Triaminic.


It’s really a shame that the tastes of these 5 Hour shots are so shoddy, because I really love the way they kick.  It’s not the jittery, ostentatiously jacked-up sort of buzz you get out of a lot of products; it’s more of a moderate, mid-range sort of boost that makes you feel almost like you’re awake under your own steam.  I would love to get a kick like this on a regular basis—but in something that tastes good.


True to the name—five hours, no crash.


Same story as all the 5 Hour Energy shots—nice kick, but a taste that’s at best unpleasant.  Decide for yourself if it’s worth it.


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