Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review for Sambazon Energy

It’s 5:00 in the evening.  I’ve just finished taking an advanced human anatomy test followed by an organic chemistry test.  Next up is a calculus quiz.  I’m wandering aimlessly through the store, my eyes glazed over and a vacant expression on my face.  I am completely worn out.

I need something.  Not just anything, though.  Your run-of-the-mill energy drinks are probably out of the question, just because I can’t afford a crash should it come.  No…I need something that will energize me, yes, but I need the sort of energy that will revive me, something that will keep me going long enough to finish everything up and then go home and go to bed.

Wait, what’s this?  Another Sambazon energy beverage?  Yes, right here with the other fruit smoothies!  Could this be it?  The beverage I’m looking for?  The one that will brush away the fatigue and lift me up upon the blessed wings of functionality?

Let’s find out…


50 mg (yeah…you read that right.)


Found most everywhere that fruit smoothies are sold.  Local chains of intermediate size tend to be the best place to look.


This is a nice-looking bottle—about what you’d expect from an organic foods company.  It’s clean, it’s straightforward…and, of course, it’s purple.  My only complaint with regards to it is this: if you’re going to make an energy smoothie with a relatively low concentration of caffeine, why wouldn’t you make it big?  That would completely resolve the low energy/dinky smoothie problem.


Tastes pretty good, certainly better than either of their Amazon Energy drinks.  The açaí is front and center (as one would anticipate) with subtle nuances of the other berries in the blend.  Only problem is the prominent earthiness of the açaí, which offsets the whole experience by just a bit.  Other than that, it’s something I wouldn’t mind drinking regularly.


I wasn’t looking for a huge kick when I bought Sambazon Energy, and yes, I know it only had 50 mg of caffeine in it, but I was still a bit disenchanted by the minimal nature of its perceptible effects.  I didn’t really feel any more functional or awake or any less brain dead than I did before—even though I have to say I did feel slightly better as a whole than I did previously.


There were hardly any effects to note—how am I supposed to gauge its longevity?


As far as an energizing beverage is concerned, Sambazon Energy falls short of what I like to get out of a drink.  Still, it tastes good, and does have potential.  Here’s my advice, Sambazon—discontinue the Amazon Energy drinks, up the size of this bottle (say to 20 ounces), and up the guarana and yerba mate.  You’d trim some of the fat off of your lineup and give us a better energy drink in place of the others.

Also, if there’s anything you can do to down the price, do it.  $3.50 is a bit spendy for a 10.5 oz. bottle of juice, even if it is tasty.


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