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Review for Independence Energy Sugar Free


200 mg


This and its high-calorie counterpart were found at a gas stop/restaurant in Rupert, Idaho—and when you find things in places like that, it’s usually the only place in the entire state.   I don’t know where else you’d go to find it, but I’d bet on it being pretty difficult to come by.


I like the idea behind Independence Energy; I think the packaging could use some work.  I think the design works and I appreciate the listing of the caffeine content and what not, but there are little things here and there that just need work—colors need to be bolder, everything needs to look less pixilated, etc.  This is particularly true of the sugar free version, which is indistinguishable from the other except for the faded color (and the miniscule “Sugar Free” on the front).


One thing you cannot say about Independence Energy is the fact that the flavor profile is not unique—that being said, I’ll be blasted if I know what the heck it’s supposed to be.  I can’t place any adjective on it that seems to fit—not tropical, not fruity, not berry-esque, nothing of the sort.  The appearance doesn’t help, either—usually the color at least helps you get some idea of what they were going for by its association with the flavor, but in this case you have no such luck; the drink comes out a strange light teal and slowly oxidizes to an equally strange mid-green.  The only thing I can really tell you is that I am not a fan, and that it’s one of the less agreeable 16 ounces I’ve been through in a while.  You know…I guess I can tell you that it’s not “meaty”—which is about as helpful as anything else I’ve been able to say.


Independence Energy—Sugar Free starts with a good deal of promise (during the first five minutes I found myself at a satisfactory 9 out of 10), but soon settles into something more standard—high end of average without jitters, like so many better-tasting, more common and often equally inexpensive beverages.  If you’re into that sort of thing, grab a NOS Zero.  Or any of Monster’s Rehab line (except, perhaps, for Protean and Pink Lemonade), for that matter.


Three and a half hours, with no apparent crash.


I’m really, really, really not a fan of this energy drink—energywise it offers nothing new, and flavorwise…geez, do I really need to go into that again?  There are plenty of better ways of getting your caffeine fix without having to get through a can of Independence Energy to do it—I have named a few, and I recommend going with one of those.

That being said, I am absolutely a fan of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation, the non-profit organization that this drink was designed to benefit (a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these drinks go towards said foundation).  I wouldn’t dream of discouraging you from buying this drink as I have done without wholeheartedly encouraging consumers to get involved in the VFW Foundation’s cause.  In their own words:

“Through a variety of programs and services, VFW Foundation fills in governmental assistance gaps for troops abroad, military families back in the U.S. and America’s often-forgotten veterans.  These programs support all branches of the military, are provided at no cost to the recipients and require no Veterans of Foreign Wars affiliation.”

The VFW Foundation supports programs that:

“Reward America’s military heroes and their families by sponsoring admission to popular entertainment events and attractions.
“Provide prepaid phone time and sponsored “Free Call Days” allowing deployed troops and hospitalized veterans to connect with loved ones.
“Support troops and their families in need of financial assistance for housing, medical or basic assistance needs with a one-time grant.
“Sponsor ‘welcome home’ and ‘send off’ events to boost the morale of returning or deployed military units.
“Offer military veterans, regardless of when or where they served, with VFW counsel and assistance to successfully navigate VA entitlement and disability claims.”

In my mind, these are all very worthy causes, and wholly deserving of public support.  Great news is you aren’t required to drink Independence Energy to do it—to support the VFW Foundation without buying the pint of sweetened bile, please follow the link below:

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