Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review for True Colors--Fruit Punch




You can find it with all other True Colors products at Big Lots.  Given my experience with them, they’ll be there a while, discontinuation aside.


I slammed the packaging on True Colors for looking as though no thought went into it.  I was okay with True Colors—Orange-Tangerine’s look (mostly because of the orange/black color combination), and I actually had some praise for True Colors—Sugar Free’s (probably unintentional) success with making sparse color use and aluminum exposure work well together.  And now, I offer my criticism of True Colors—Fruit Punch for being the embodiment of the one thing that is consistently wrong with all of the above: it looks like something based on a design theory that died with the 70’s.  Look at the repeating dots/bubbles—do they not remind you of the patterns of flashing lights on the computers of 70’s movies and television programs?  Is the color not such a shade of red that it would have been described as “funky” when that word was a good thing?  Is that quality of the shade of red not intensified in combination with the black background?  Am I nitpicking?  Perhaps, but such is my evaluation.


The taste of this drink is the archetypal cheap fruit punch energy drink taste—it’s overly sweet and gummy, it’s unconvincingly fruity, it’s bitter.  Even if you like the taste of cheap fruit punch, chances are you’ll find the taste disagreeable.


Average in terms of True Colors performance, below average in terms of general energy drink performance.  Enough to ease the difficulty of concentrating on renal histology in class, but not nearly enough to make one feel actually awake.


This (and any other True Colors product) is best employed as an early-morning drink, if it is to be employed at all.  It will provide a pick-me-up to last until an early lunch hour, and from there you’re on your own.


Honestly, True Colors—Fruit Punch generally sucks.  It is outstripped in just about every area by other drinks, some of which do not perform so well in certain areas themselves.  The True Colors line is gone for good, and I for one won’t be missing it.

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