Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review for Rockstar Super Sours--Bubbleberry



240 mg


Bubbleberry here seems to be the subject of a decent push on part of the Rockstar energy company—I just barely heard of it last week, and it’s already popping (no pun intended) up at a number of gas stations around here.  Be interested in seeing how it takes off.


This is a can that, surprisingly enough, strikes all the right notes with me—mostly because it makes me feel very nostalgic.  I’ll explain—when I was younger, I occasionally enjoyed a gaming session on our family SNES, and one of my favorite games was Kirby Super Star, in the which you fill the role of an…ability-shifting marshmallow-ish thing in going about various endeavors, including stopping a giant bird, planet hopping, etc. (bad description, but I’m not going to go any further than that—look it up on Wikipedia if interested).  In any event, this can reminds me of everything I like about that game—the colors are vibrant and enjoyable, the fonts bold, the deep, multilayered design appropriately unruly, and it’s just generally nice to look upon—kind of has the image of what Kirby would grab for a tremendous boost of energy.


It never occurred to me that anyone would tap the bubblegum flavor for its potential as an energy drink—simply because I didn’t think that there really was any.  It’s one of those flavors that you see all over the place and wonder why, because it’s not all that impressive—I didn’t think there was actually anyone who did like it.  In any event, however, we have this Bubbleberry beverage here, and the flavor profile is that of a piece of subdued, less-sweet bubblegum—maybe with a hint of berry flavor.  I’m not wild about it, but if there are people out there who get original bubblegum-flavored gum, there most certainly are those that will buy this for the flavor.


Even if you are disappointed in the flavor, you won’t be let down by the energy boost—with 240 mg of caffeine (an amount that Rockstar is leaning towards in more and more of their products), this kicks as much as any 16 oz. Rockstar Zero Carb or Xdurance, with alertness and jitters enough that they may diffuse to other individuals in your proximity.


Five hours at least, with no crash.


Notwithstanding the fact that I didn’t like the flavor so much, I do hope they’ll be keeping Rockstar Super Sours—Bubbleberry around.  At the very least it’s something different to offer an excellent energy boost to individuals for whom the standard 160 mg falls short.


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  1. where can I buy bubblegum rockstar from?

    1. At this point, I can pick it up at just about any larger gas station in the area, but that's going to depend on where you live. The gas stations would be a good place to start, though.

    2. I'm starting to see these in grocery stores.

  2. The bubbleblast is gross. The green apple is awesome tho.

    Tennessee USA


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