Friday, June 29, 2012

Review for Hi Ball Energy--Cranberry Apple


200 mg


Generally limited in availability, though visiting the “natural foods” section of stores like Fred Meyer should yield some results.


Energy drinks are generally packaged in one of two ways: the extremely ostentatious “I’M A FREAKING ENERGY DRINK” sort (think the Monster BFC), and the not-so-ostentatious, speak-for-itself sort (think Bawls Guarana).  Hi Ball energy drink cans lie on the latter end of the spectrum—simple logo, simple design, simple color scheme(s), but at least in the case of Cranberry Apple, the result is effective.


I’m not going to lie—I was pretty psyched to try this one out.  Seemed to have everything going for it (at least at first glance), and even opening up the can, it seemed that things would go well—smelled promising, and even the shade of pink that the drink possessed fueled my optimism.  Then, taking my first sip, I was met with disappointment.  This drink doesn’t taste nearly as good as it ought to—the flavors taste very watered down (the apple is hardly perceptible at all), and the minor degree of carbonation leaves the drink with a flat feel.  Even if it was drinkable, I was still far from pleased.


I guess I can say that Hi Ball Energy—Cranberry Apple works well enough—the organic caffeine (hydrous vs. anhydrous, I’d guess) delivers a boost that is reasonably effective without causing jitters, which I can appreciate, though in some instances would leave something to be desired (let’s face it—sometimes you just need to be jacked up on caffeine).


Lasted ‘bout three hours and 45 minutes.  Decent for driving or an afternoon of studying.


So even if the kick was alright, I wasn’t terribly impressed by the taste, and honestly, the whole experience felt a bit underwhelming.  Try if you must, but from my point of view, there are less expensive energy drinks out there that will get the job done better AND are far tastier to boot—and if you’re wanting me to suggest something that’s similarly healthy, I’d just suggest any Viso beverage.


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