Friday, July 5, 2013

Review for Crystal Light Energy--Peach Mango


120 mg


It’s Crystal freaking Light—need I really say more?


After giving it some thought, I have to at least concede that these packages are attractive—even if they clearly aren’t geared to elicit much of a response from individuals possessing an inordinate degree of masculinity, such as myself.  If you’re a lady, I think the bright, color-saturated boxes will work wonders for you.  If you’re a dude—expect it to pop a little more, but not do much for you beyond that…unless, of course, you’re into making sure that energy products prominently declare their caffeine content and what not.


Like peaches?  Like mango?  Okay with artificial flavor versions of both?  I think you’ll like Crystal Light—Peach Mango.  I don’t really think anybody goes and buys a box or carton or whatever of crystal light expecting a rush of mango and peach juices, I think most people just expect it to be passable as either and agreeable enough to get down without difficulty.  At least…that’s the way I think, and if you think the same way, you won’t mind this at all.


Regardless of your thoughts on the flavor, I can almost guarantee the kick’s going to work wonders for you.  Of course, everyone’s different, and you always have the odd duck that stuff like Spike Hardcore Energy puts to sleep, but coming from a dude that weighs a buck eighty (all muscle, in case you were wondering) and gets a fantastic wake-up in every pouch, regardless of how tired he was beforehand, I think that endorsement is worth at least something.  Did I mention it also helps with headaches?  You know, the kind you get when you’re woken up at 3:00 in the morning because it’s sprinkling on your face through the open window and you fall back asleep dreaming you’re taking the MCAT, problem by problem by problem?  Well, it helps with those kinds of headaches.


Anticipate three and a half hours of solid energy, with no crash after the fact; do, however, keep a second ready if you need to keep going at what you’re doing after that’s over.


Might be a chick drink, but in my experience, Crystal Light Energy—Peach Mango will work just fine for you, regardless of your gender, BMI, etc.  Heck, just about any flavor has the blend that will work—so pick one and get to it.

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