Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review for Viso Will

This review applies to both the 16 oz. can and the 20 oz. bottle—only differences between the two is the concentration of the ingredients of the proprietary blend and the presentation.


300 mg


Unless you’re in Oregon/east Idaho, chances are you’re going to have a really tough time finding this or any other Viso product.  If you’re really intrigued by it/desperate to get a hold of it, I suppose you could get a case of it online.


Not quite as wild about this can as I was that of Viso Dynamo, or even Viso Vigor.  The gold accenting is still cool, but I’m not thrilled by how…diet-looking…the color combination of the navy and pale blues is.  That’s really Viso Will’s only fault when it comes to packaging, but it’s enough to dock a couple of points.  The bottle gets an additional point taken off for looking cheap.


Viso Will represents a colossal miscalculation when it comes to taste, and was really quite a disappointment.  If I had drank it before Dynamo or Vigor, I might be a little more forgiving, but having partaken of the sheer deliciousness of those two, this one was a tremendous letdown.

First problem is the combination of flavors—cranberry and grapefruit.  I’m quite fond of both, but each possesses a characteristically bitter aftertaste/accenting taste that you need to be conscious of if you’re going to be making beverages out of them.  When Viso puts the two together, the bitterness of each is noticeably compounded by the bitterness of the other, to the point that you can’t really enjoy either flavor.

Second problem is the use of stevia as a sweetener.  Personally, I don’t know how anyone can handle stevia—the sweetness is overwhelmingly intense, and this aside, it just tastes bad—really acrid and just plain vile.  Another problem with the stevia is the fact that it doesn’t really sweeten the beverage.  The sweetness seems to exist independent of the drink, so that you have the beverage, and then you’ve got the sweetness—together, but separate at the same time.

Bottom line, Viso Will just isn’t good.  The potential’s there, but it’s too much of a mess to enjoy.


As with most low cal drinks, Viso Will is a bit stronger than the others—I was extremely awake, as with the other Viso drinks, but unlike the others, I found myself to be noticeably jittery, though not overly so.


The typical Viso trend is followed when it comes to duration—got about seven hours of good, consistent energy out of Viso Will before the finish line, at which no crash occurred.


I hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE rating drinks like this.  As far as flavor is concerned, Viso Will sucks—but when it comes to kick it’s excellent—so in the end, it winds up with a very positive rating!  Don’t let the flaws in my rating system throw you off—stick with one of the other Viso beverages, and avoid Viso Will.

WEBSITE: drinkviso.com

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  1. this is actually my favorite flavor of viso, and I'm happy they used stevia as a sweetener, because all the other artificial sweeteners are terrible for the human body

  2. I enjoy the Viso Will as well. The can and the bottle have slightly different flavoring, with the can version being my favorite of the 2.


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