Saturday, December 8, 2012

Review for Loop Low Calorie


160-200 mg (best guess)


Available at all Kmart stores, which are, incidentally, vastly more common than they should be.


Been through this before—these look really cheap and poorly thought out.  I don’t get the name Loop, I don’t get the design, I dislike the “Smart Saver” or whatever stamp, and, as usual, I can’t stand the bare aluminum.  More than many other energy drinks out there, this one could stand a serious makeover.


It’s not everyday you look at the side of the low-calorie energy drink can in your hand and see “high fructose corn syrup” listed as the second ingredient, but that’s exactly the case here—so, if you’re wondering where the 20 calories in the can come from, now you know.  In any event, this is indistinguishable from the original Loop in that it is actually a pretty decent-tasting Red Bull clone—not nearly as good as Roaring Lion Sugar Free, but certainly better than the likes of Wired or True Colors.  Seeing as you can get the exact same taste as Loop without the staggering load of empty calories, why not go with Loop Low Calorie?


I will admit that the kick is indeed more subdued and less jittery than the original, but it’s not the sort of difference that I mind.  It’s worth it not to get 35% of your daily carbs in the form of fructose.


Four hours, no crash.


Might not keep you going as strong or as long as Loop, but it’s worth it to have a drink that tastes just as good and is that much easier on your system.  Pick it up if you’re into Red Bull clones, and let me know what you think.


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