Friday, March 2, 2012

Review for Rockstar Punched--Orange Mango Passion Fruit


330 mg/22 oz. bottle


It’s been discontinued, and has been for a while—before I started really getting into energy drinking, if I remember correctly.  It’s a miracle that I managed to find this bottle at all (at a sports store in Buhl, in case you were wondering), and I have serious doubts as to whether I will be able to again.


This one came in quite a nifty bottle—thick, solid, and dark, almost opaque blue, with an orange diamond metal label with the Rockstar logo and other useful things—such as the flavor—in the foreground.  Felt nice and weighty in my hand, and I liked the resalable aspect—more drinks need that.  Not that I ever really use it, it’s just nifty to be able to if needed….


This is pretty dang nice stuff—good enough that I’m sorry that they discontinued it.  It tastes exactly like what it says it will taste like—first you get the flavor of orange and mango, then a passion fruit finish.  One complaint I do have with it is that it has some pretty substantial fruity bitterness in the aftertaste—which disappears after a few swallows, but it still bothered me enough to dock a point.  Other than that, it’s what one hopes to get in a fruit punch drink when one can’t get their hands on Venom Energy—Death Adder.


Given how long this stuff had been off the market, I was worried about two things that might happen from all it's time on the shelf: 1) a flat drink, which proved not to be a worry, and 2) a lackluster kick—which also proved not to be a worry.  Making my way through the bottle, I was hit by what I’d call a nice blast of energy—kind of like going from 0 to 240 in, say, 3.5 seconds.  Needless to say, I didn’t have much trouble getting my work done for the rest of the day.


This drink lasted me a solid 5, 5½ hours before I crossed the finish line, at which point I experienced something that was more like drifting to a halt rather than a violent crash.


My experience with Rockstar Punched—Orange Mango Passion Fruit was positive enough that I’d for sure go for it again—if they hadn’t discontinued it, which is really unfortunate, since it’s such an excellent drink.  If by some miracle you can find it (maybe at a wholesale store or something?), buy a bottle or two and glory in the fruitiness and the energy.

WEBSITE:, but don’t look to find it there—remember it’s gone, probably for good.

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  1. They only discontinued the bottled version; you can still get canned versions (or at least, you can here in California).

  2. its on the usa and canada rockstar site. I checked one store nothing checked another and one can was left that I bought and it expires in like 2 days so I dunno if discontinued or what.


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