Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review for Jolt Orange Blast


186 mg


As with all Jolt products in the battery can (except the cola), this one’s been discontinued.  Looking to try it?  Good luck finding it.


The battery can idea is cool, even if it’s a little plain looking.  As with the other cans of the line, it feels very comfortable in one’s hand.  Not 100% certain why it’s so notably so.


Out of all the discontinued Jot beverages, this is the one I like the most, though I wouldn’t say that I love it…not by a long shot.  It’s got a pretty potent medicinal aftertaste, and the balance between the sweet and sour of the orange flavor is pretty subpar, but still, I could still get it down without having to take breaks for the sake of my gag reflex or wince every time I take a swig.


I didn’t find the kick to be out-of-the-ballpark awesome, or especially unique in terms of effect.  This said, it still performed admirably, placing me at a point where I was more substantially awake than especially jittery.  Which is a nice place to be.  Sometimes.


I found the extent of effectiveness to provide an experience similar to that I had with Jolt Passion Fruit—long-lasting peak, with a quick tapering off at the end.


Well, the drink’s discontinued (or at least this variant has been), but really, you aren’t missing a whole lot.  The taste is so-so and the kick is decent.  How many other drinks are there out there that are like that, though?  Or better?  My answer: plenty.  If you missed your chance at it, move on unless you’re desperate, in which case I suggest keeping an eye out for it on eBay.  Otherwise, put off the ashes of mourning and find a better beverage.  There are plenty of ‘em out there.


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