Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review for Mio Energy--Black Cherry

This is probably old news for most people, but I figure it’s about time I review Mio Energy, which has captured my enthusiasm with this (very) palpable, versatile, and convenient product of theirs.  To the review template!


60 mg/serving (1/2 tsp.)


Every-freaking-where—and in two sizes.  Even saw it at Big Lots once, but I don’t think that’s as a result of discontinuation…no, that was a fluke.  Haven’t seen it there since.


Mostly, this is just nifty—love the blacks and reds, but for the most part I love it because it’s so sleek and easy to pack around and provides nice energy in a jiffy.  What more can I ask for.


So I’m seriously picky when it comes to cherry—I almost always either really love it or really hate it, so you can understand the combination of eagerness and apprehension I felt when I opened the bottle and started to measure out the concentrate.  First of all—you will never see a more vivid shade of red than what results when you add the concentrate to water.  Second—you’d be hard-pressed to find a better cherry product out there that’s not made from actual cherries.

I could drink this stuff by the bucket if common sense didn’t hold me back.  This is everything that a cherry product should be—smooth, not overbearingly strong but not weak, and not a hint of the flavor of artificial sweeteners—just amazing cherry deliciousness.

I’ll be reviewing Mio knockoffs in the near future, and they’d better beware—they have a lot to measure up to, given how Mio manages to perform.


Really, this could be as subdued or mind-blowingly intense as you’d like—just be smart about how much caffeine you take in, and you should be fine.  My 10/10 is just kind of an “overall” rating in this case.  Here are some noteworthy doses:

Two servings (a full teaspoon) will yield a drink with 120 mg caffeine, and delivers a decent, non-jittery boost.  7/10.

Somewhere around two and a half servings (a teaspoon and a half) gives you the standard 160 mg caffeine, and bests Monster and many other major brands in intensity and quality—I loved being so awake without jitters.  8/10.

At four servings (two teaspoons) you get 240 mg of caffeine, things start to get really interesting.  You’re still not jittery, but very awake (notwithstanding a night with very little sleep) and ready to tackle the gym, physiology class, and the anatomy class you TA.  9/10.

Add servings to that, and you start to get into the 10, 10+ range.  Again, be smart and know your limits, and you will have joy and rejoicing in your buzzing.


Everything here is as anticipated—doesn’t give out too soon, doesn’t last disproportionately long.  No crash, either.  Two servings will give you about three hours of energy, two and a half three and a half hours, and four servings will give your four hours.  Beyond that, you get the potential to buzz all day if you feel thus inclined.


It doesn’t matter who you are—this is a fantastic product, as long as you’re okay with cherry.  I say that because everyone’s definition of fantastic differs, but that’s okay—Mio can accommodate it!  And, with 12 servings in a small bottle, it’s plenty cheaper than picking up a 4-pack of Monster.  Bottom line—you should try this; if you’re anything like me it will become a regular fixture in your energy arsenal. 

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  1. Fascinating... the Mio squirts are a pretty decent product. I haven't tried the energy varieties. I trust your taste, so I might have to try this one. I'm not a huge fan of black cherry... would you say this tastes more like cherry, or black cherry specifically?

    1. I'd say more like black cherry specifically--deeper, mellower flavor. As always, let me know what you think once you've tried.

    2. I wanted to send you this, but your email address isn't anywhere.

      I found this article on reddit. It's two parts, written by a professor/academic who was properly addicted to caffeine such that it endangered his life, and how he quit it. Very good! I thought you'd enjoy: http://bryanalexander.org/2013/01/04/a-year-without-caffeine/


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