Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review for SK Energy Extra Strength--Berry


Uncertain; probably 160-200 mg.


SK energy shots are by and large pretty scattered, but if you keep your eyes open and stop to look frequently you’re bound to come across it at some point.  I found mine at Walgreens—which seems to vary quite a bit in terms of its inventory from store to store, so I don’t know if that helps or not.  Look to spend $3+ regardless….


Street King energy shots have undergone a bit of a de-evolution in terms of their packaging.  While I do love the steel grey background and the stout 2.5 oz. bottle, I could do without 1) the boisterous red “EXTRA STRENGTH” bands, 2) the casual font used for the word “energy” and 3) the base yellow and blue color of the logo—the gold on the older shots just looked all that more striking.


You 50 Cent fans might be disappointed that at least in this respect, your favorite rapper/marketing mastermind has sold out—this is a 5 Hour Energy clone.  Now, I have to grant the company this—this is the best of the lot that I’ve had, being more convincingly berry and somewhat less bitter than most.  The company guarantees a refund if it is not the best energy shot you’ve ever had (just have to send back the bottle, which I won’t do because I’d lose the spot in my collection), so if you’re going by 5 Hour clone standards, that shouldn’t be a problem.


I don’t know what it is about green tea caffeine that makes it work so well—but I love it.  This shot, which is powered exclusively by the green tea stuff, does not deliver a jittery blast of energy—it is actually quite muted until you get yourself moving around, at which point something (don’t ask me for mechanisms; I have no idea) gets the caffeine working and you find yourself doing everything that you otherwise do (from going to the gym to cleaning up around the house) in an extremely facilitated fashion.


I got a pretty solid four hours of energy out of this shot, after which I did not crash at all—though I was quite ready for bed when the time came.


If you are 1) wealthy enough that you can buy these frequently without thinking about it, and 2) a 5 Hour Energy clone fanatic, this will probably be the best shot you will have ever had.  Otherwise…well, I have mixed feelings here.  On one hand, I don’t like the taste, and the price frankly blew.  On the other, the energy boost is nothing short of fantastic—I would seriously love to experience something along these lines more often.  I’m going to leave my input at that and let the consumer decide if the price and taste are worth the kick, as I myself am not certain that I would say it is.

As a final note, a portion of all profits from the sale of these shots goes to the United Nations World Food Programme.  If you’d like to donate more than the quarter that the company does per shot, follow the link below:

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  1. This was a solid review!

  2. This is not that bad, not good, but not bad. It did wake me up though.


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