Sunday, February 26, 2012

Review for Whoopass Zero


200 mg


Same as the original—which is to say, far less common than one would expect, given how dang popular Jones Sodas are.  Best chances are to buy a case online.


A number of sugar-free energy drinks tend to come with some pretty bland packaging (see Amp Energy—Sugar Free and Amp Energy—Lightning Sugar Free), and actually lead me to feel a certain degree of apprehension as pertaining to the whole experience—bland packaging typically conjures thoughts of bland flavor, which I find terrifying.  Not so with Whoopass Zero—in white (as in this case) or black (as in the case of the original), Whoopass has got a nice, hardcore image going for it.


I’ve had a number of sugar-free/low carb/whatever drinks that nail the flavor of the original pretty well—take Rockstar and Monster for instance—but I’ve never one that mimics it so completely as does Whoopass Zero.  It is indistinguishable from the original—put ‘em in a double-blind test and I have serious doubts that I’d be able to tell the difference.   There are no artificial sweetener aftertastes to deal with, no lightness of flavor, nothing—just the same red sour apple/cherry goodness as the original (still got that strange apple bitterness).  If you’re counting your calories, by all means get Whoopass Sugar Free—you won’t for a second feel like you’re paying for your (semi) health conscious propensities.


In this respect, Whoopass Zero is almost indistinguishable from the original—but not quite.  It’s by no means less effective, far from it—it’s just that the energy boost seems to be more dedicated to waking you up than it is to making you jittery.  Same energy level, just a different manifestation.


You’ll get the same four hours or so of energy before you experience the same crash as with the original—which isn’t the most horrible I’ve experienced (that goes to Wired X 344), but still noteworthy.


Like Whoopass?  You’ll like Whoopass Zero.  Like Jones Sodas?  You’ll like Whoopass Zero.  Like energy drinks?  You’ll like…alright, I’m going to shut up before I get too carried away.  All you really need to know is that this is one heck of a sugar free energy drink—freak, it’s one heck of an energy drink in general.  Whatever your reasoning, whether you like energy drinks, like Jones Sodas, liked the original, you should definitely give this one a go.

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