Monday, July 29, 2013

Review for Hydrive Energy Extra Power--Black Cherry


195 mg


I’ve never actually seen these anywhere…you know what?  Scratch that.  I did see it once at a gas station, but when I returned it was gone, and I never did see it there again.  My younger brother was, however, kind enough to pick me up the entire (save one) line when he came across it at a random stop in his line of work.  Thanks again, Burrhead.


I don’t really have anything bad to say here.  The label’s clean and sharp, the slim 16 oz. bottle’s easy on the grip, and the deep red liquid is most appealing, the caffeine content listed…it’s a good bottle.


As mentioned in my review of Mio’s Black Cherry energy additive, I’m not generally a fan of cherry stuff—most of the time makers go about it all wrong and turn their product into a sickly sweet mess. It has been done right before, though, and when it does it really hits home.  Fortunately for Hydrive, such is the case with their black cherry energy drink here—it is smooth and extremely refreshing (they weren’t kidding about this being a thirst-quenching energy drink) if a bit more synthetic and sweet than Mio’s product.  These are not huge flaws, and I wouldn’t think twice about buying Hydrive again if I was feeling in the mood for hydration, energy and cherries.


To give you an idea of the kind of scrutiny Hydrive was going to have to go through if it didn’t perform: my brother’s wedding Friday made for a late night, and the logistics of getting my wife to her sister’s wedding Saturday made for an early morning.  I’d done a lot of walking in the hot sun carrying my 3-year-old boy on my shoulders, and by afternoon, I was so exhausted that I unintentionally fell asleep on the living room floor for an hour or so. When I woke up, I was groggy, had a headache, and felt distinctly dehydrated.  In addition, I had a family barbecue that I would be going to in about a half hour, and I knew I would need to be in social mode for the duration.

I needed an energy drink.  And it needed to be a dang good one.

Noting the big ol’ “extra power” on the bottle, I figured this would be a good choice.  I drank it down pretty easily (see the above paragraph if you need reminding already), and halfway through, I felt the makings of a good rush coming on.  Feeling encouraged, I finished the bottle, and pretty soon I knew I was going to be just fine.  My headache was gone, the cobwebs evaporated, my body hydrated, and I was generally rearin’ to go.  The initial rush did taper off a bit about a half hour after I finished, but I was still in top form notwithstanding, so I bear Hydrive no ill will.

If you find yourselves in situations like the one I just described, this should work wonders.  If not…should work for whatever you’re up to as well.


The barbecue lasted a grand total of four hours—and so did the drink.  No crash to report.


I’ve heard good things about Hydrive’s drinks, and the line is sure off to a great start with this extra strength black cherry beverage.  It’s like a small red, PET-bottled Statue of Liberty, beckoning the sleep-deprived, the thirsty, the cherry-craving huddled masses come and drink deep of its waters, wherein there is found energy and quenching to spare…alright, that’s enough.  Hydrive Extra Power—Black Cherry’s a bang-up energy drink.  That’s all you need to know; go out and buy yourself one already.

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