Sunday, July 7, 2013

Review for Guayaki Organic Energy Shot--Lime Tangerine


150 mg


Quite popular at health food stores and (oddly enough) Walgreens.


One thing I have to say in favor of this shot is that Guayaki put a crap-ton of thought into the packaging on this shot.  The label is very clean and attractive with the shrink-wrapping expertly executed, the brown glass bottle lends a professional, pharmaceutical look to the whole getup—it’s just about everything you can expect and ask for in an energy shot.



It doesn’t matter how you have this—straight out of the bottle or on ice—this freaking tastes like dirt.  There is nothing redeeming or pleasant about the experience—no lime, no tangerine, no pleasing organic sweetness, none of the things that you would expect out of this shot given Guayaki’s reputation or the contents of the label or whatever.

It’s bitter, it’s sour, it’s harsh, and it is thoroughly unpleasant.  It’s not something I can recommend to anyone—even to you whole foods folks out there (even the ones with the masochistic palates), my message is stay away.


If you can get this all down, you can get a decent boost.  Like the energy drinks, it’s not a super-intense, jittery burst that some might be accustomed to; it’s a smooth boost in alertness more than anything else, and something I can actually say I appreciated.


Three hours, no crash.


Works well, but in this case it just doesn’t matter—the shot tastes so bad that even if you manage it once, you’ll never do it again.  My advice is to spare yourself the first time and skip this shot—if I manage to locate the other flavors, I’ll report at that time whether you can skip this in favor of a different Guayaki shot or if you should just look over the line altogether.


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