Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review for Hydrive Energy--Antioxidant


160 mg


Last time I have to say this: easy to get online, very difficult to find in the traditional fashion.


Last time I have to say this also—I like these bottles; they effectively grab and you’re your attention without being obnoxious, and the slim profile is easy on the hands.


Given their abundance, it’s understandable that red/triple/wild berry flavors get very tiring after a while—and that finding a good one is all the more exciting for the fact.  Having tried all but the electrolyte formula (my brother couldn’t find that one), a common theme in flavoring has emerged; Hydrive takes flavors that are typically over sweetened and juvenile and tweaks them to appeal to a more mature palate, resulting in an energy beverage that is both refreshing and easy on the stomach.  This antioxidant formula is no exception—you’ve got your raspberry, your strawberry, with maybe a hint of cranberry; each is a bit on the synthetic side but appealing nonetheless, and is just sweet enough to be able to enjoy it.


As do all Hydrive beverages with the standard 160 mg of caffeine, this offering’s boost is less than ideal.  If you’re only moderately tired this should help some, but if you’re really dead on your feet you’ll want to go with something more potent.


Three hours, no crash.


This tastes just fine, but I confess disappointment with its efficacy.  As I indicated in a previous review—I don’t remember which—at some later point, if I manage to find these again, I might drink two in one go, and will report on that then.  Until that time, however, you’re best sticking with Hydrive’s Extra Power formula—or something else altogether.

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