Friday, November 2, 2012

Review for 5 Hour Energy--Pomegranate


138 mg (special thanks to anonymous commentator)


You scarcely need leave your home anymore before being bombarded on all sides with 5 Hour Energy shots.  They’re everywhere, and this flavor is no exception.


If you’ve read one of my reviews for a 5 Hour Energy shot before, then go ahead and skip ahead to the taste; you know what I’m going to say here.  If not, though, read on.

Sunsets…running…mountains…giant fruits…all these things speak “energy” to me in a way that few things have before.  I love the 5 Hour look; I just wish they took a little more care with the presentation of it.  It’s shrink-wrapped onto the plastic bottle, which is just sad—at $2.75 a shot, 5 Hour Energy can surely do better.


You know what else 5 Hour Energy can do at $2.75 a shot?  Put some money into finding a way to make them taste good.  At best, 5 Hour Energy shots taste just okay.  At worst, they border on unholy.  Pomegranate is somewhere in the middle—it scarcely tastes like pomegranate and is very harshly medicinal.  It’s tough to make a decent pomegranate-tasting drink—I can respect that—but surely 5 Hour Energy can do better than this.  This is nothing so much as a showcase of the laziness at the top of the energy shot world—they can get away with making shots this bad just because people will still drink it.


Fortunately, 5 Hour Energy shots offer a good kick—mid-range and jitter free, it’s honestly something I’d go for regularly if only they could make it taste good.


Not just effective, but long-lived—you really do get five hours of energy out of this, and you don’t crash, either.


This, like the rest of the entire line, is mediocre.  The kick is good enough that I have to make note of it, but overall this is still a lackluster energy experience.  I have now reviewed the entire 5 Hour Energy line, and I’m ready to move on—probably for good.


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  1. 5hour energy has 138 caffeine and extra strength has 207


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