Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Review for Lost

Takin’ a break from the new NOS active drinks so I don’t feel so much like I’m repeating myself when I write the third.  Stay tuned for that review….


160 mg


Big Lots acquisition!


If we’re going by looks lone, I do like the graffiti-art look of Lost—it holds enough aesthetic appeal that I that I’m even willing to look over the fact that it’s a bit…well, loud.  All the points off come from the fact that this is simply Monster Energy in a different can.

Everything about it screams the fact—the layout, the energy blend, the distribution by Hansen, and the thoroughly asinine paragraph on the side of the can, which is possibly the worst I’ve ever seen on an energy drink—it begins with a rant on how “most energy drinks suck,” so Lost Enterprises something different, something that tasted good and didn’t let up, something that would enable you to stay up partying all night getting smashed alongside scantily clad women that were equally inebriated (okay, so I may be exaggerating on that last little bit…but just a little).  In order to capitalize on this fantastic, totally new idea, Lost gave the people at Monster Energy a call to whip something up and stick it in a can for them, and thus…LOST was born.

Now, if from all this you can’t divine that Lost Enterprises simply paid Monster to put their original energy drink into a can with Lost company logo on it, you should not be on the internet without parental supervision.  Go finish elementary school and come back and read this review when you’re done.


This is Monster—if there were any doubts before, they are gone, gone, gone now (you might even say that they’re lost…he, he).  If you are a Monster Energy fan (I’m alright with the flavor, though I vastly prefer Lo-Carb) and you find yourself at Big Lots, take the time to stock up on your preferred beverage for a measly 75 cents a can—notwithstanding the bad*ss $1.99 stamp on the front of the can.


Again, this is Monster through and through—from the candy-ish traditional energy drink flavor to the somewhat mediocre kick.  Functionally I was never a fan of Monster Energy—always seemed to be underpowered.  If you’re like me and are looking for a smoother version with more of a punch, go for Monster Energy—Lo-Carb.


Three hours passed before I needed another boost.  There was no crash, but there certainly would have been had I not burnt the sugar off at the gym that morning.


This is probably the least original and unnecessary energy drink in the history of ever, but if you like Monster, take my advice and stock up on Lost—which at this point is just cheap Monster.

WEBSITE: Defunct.

KEYWORDS: Lost energy drink review, traditional energy drink flavor, Monster in a different can!

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  1. To be honest this has been my favorite drink for years. The fact they stopped making them awhile ago and I, like yourself have to find them at Big lot. That age has not done this product well. I remember buying a fresh can and it being very similar to Monster but had a smoother taste and finish but hints of fruit. I actually wish the never stopped making these.

    FnA Energy


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