Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review for Rip It--Citrus X Sugar Free


200 mg


Got a dollar store nearby?  Then you’ve also got Citrus X Sugar Free nearby.


Yellow-ish pseudosunburst, vast exposure of aluminum—if this doesn’t strike you as bland, I don’t know what will.


I wouldn’t say I enjoyed Citrus X Sugar Free, but I did feel less antagonized when drinking it than when I was trying to choke down its sucrose-laden counterpart.  Still nothing particularly impressive, unless you are wild about sugar free Sunny D.


Kick was strong enough to appreciate—to give you some idea, I was trying to get some housework done on less sleep than I would have liked, so I decided (reluctantly, given my experience with Citrus X) to take this one down.  Fifteen minutes later, I was no longer dragging, and my wife was appreciating, though with suspicion, my increase in productivity.


To finish the story, the house got clean.  Didn’t have any trouble with fatigue for about 3½ hours, after which I was happily able to crash in my lazy boy in a nice, clean house.


So…kick’s passable, but this probably won’t be one I’ll be drinking a second time.  If you’re one of the aforementioned individuals in the sugar free Sunny D niche, then here’s an energy drink for you.


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  1. Totally disagree with you, this has a great taste. Tastes like you are drinking a diet orange soda, no funkiness with it that you get from some energy drinks. Can is plain, yes, but who cares?


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