Saturday, November 17, 2012

Review for 6 Hour Power Extra Strength--Grape


Not listed.  I get so tired of not being able to report on this section.  If I were to venture a guess, I’d say 120-150 mg.


Hit-and-miss—local grocery stores seem to carry it with greater frequency than larger chains.


I like the black for the sleekness it adds to the look—and that’s it.  Beyond that, it’s pretty unimaginative.


This, more than any other grape shot I’ve had, tastes like grape Triaminic—from the medicinal taste to the syrupy texture.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I didn’t like grape Triaminic all that much—I liked it more than the yellow stuff, that’s for sure, but it’s still wasn’t all that good.  That in mind, why clone that flavor, as 5 Hour Energy did with their grape shot?  And furthermore, why would you clone that clone several zillion times, as this and other shots have done?


I’m really not excited to try the original strength shot, because for an extra strength shot, this is really wimpy.  It was like drinking a Wired energy drink—just extremely average in terms of its intensity.


I got maybe four and a half hours—definitely not the advertised six hours.


6 Hour Power is like 5 Hour Energy in the sense that it has no real reason to exist at all.  It’s exceeded in quality in every form imaginable by other products—in this case Eternal Energy—Grape.  The only niche it manages to fill (that of another bad tasting, overpriced and underpowered shot) is already occupied by several other shots, and it's best that you just avoid it.


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  1. I got some Stacker 2 Xtra that's the same flavor (Extra Strength Grape). I'm about to try it later. I guess I'll brace myself in the taste department. I wonder if this one will taste the same as what you thought of this one.

    1. I tried it (Stacker 2 Xtra Extra Strength Grape). It tasted terrible. Have you tried Stacker 2 Xtra Extra Strength Grape yet.

    2. Haven't had the chance; I think I can get them at my local grocer's. I'll be sure to publish a review the second I try it out, but I'm not too eager to review additional 5 Hour clones these days (especially with so many more intriguing prospects to review), so it might be a while.

    3. I can't Xtra Energy Shots at the local grocery stores I go to. I usually find them at the dollar store.

    4. Plenty of those around here. I'll check it out.


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