Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review for NX--Lean & Mean


240 mg


Available, but by and large uncommon.  Acquisition will require patience.


I like Lean & Mean’s look more than Speed Freak, the latter of which is a sugared version of the former.  Lean & Mean has the same chaotic, racing-inspired, though with silver and blue as the primary colors of the pallet.  The overall effect of the color change is a cleaner look, and perhaps more appropriate (the black and white of Speed Freak always made me think about vampires, Goths, etc.)


Anyone who loved Speed Freak but wants to watch their waistline will love Lean & Mean, as they taste exactly the same.  In this Lean & Mean is to be commended, however, it presents a problem for me as a reviewer, as I hated the way Speed Freak tasted.  The problem with Speed Freak is the problem with Lean & Mean—it smells like decaying fruit, and the smell hits you every time you take a drink.  So whether or not the drink actually tasted decent, I will never know, as my stomach did back flips every time I lifted the bottle to take a swig.


One thing I have to say that I enjoyed about Lean & Mean is the kick—it’s a cleaner, less ragged kick than that delivered by Speed Freak.  Not to say Speed Freak was a failure in this respect, because it wasn’t—Lean & Mean was just a smoother, though equally intense, experience.  It was enough for me to lament that I found the drink so difficult to take down, because otherwise, this is something I’d love to experience again.


About the same as Speed Freak—4 hours or so before the end.  Only distinction I experienced was the fact that the—how would I say this—final descent was even smoother than that provided by Speed Freak, and I felt even less like I’d crashed than I did after Speed Freak.


While the kick is certainly commendable, I will definitely be seeking it elsewhere.  In a word, Lean & Mean was gross—I should not have to put up with the smell of rot every time I drink a particular beverage.  If, however, you found that Speed Freak did not affect you as it did me, then by all means, go with NX—Lean & Mean, which gives you everything Speed Freak does, except smoother and without the calories!


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