Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review for Sobe Energize--Power Fruit Punch


77 mg


Fairly easy to find.  If it’s not at one store, it will almost certainly be at the next.


Apologies (last time) for not providing a photo that would actually help consumers actually recognize the beverage as it appears in stores—just look for the dark maroon one.  Also, plan on scrutinizing the text to separate it from the run-of-the-mill Sobes that will doubtless surround it—there’s nothing at first glance to set it apart.  Finally—the plastic bottle sucks.  Sobe always has, and always will, belong in that iconic glass bottle.


Didn’t like this one as much as Citrus Energy—lots sweeter than I would have liked.  Still, the homogeny of fruit flavor will please whoever’s able to deal with the sugar.


Virtually identical to Citrus Energy in terms of its effects—which is great; the world needs more energy drinks like this.  Ever taken a nap that lasted too long, and have your head so filled with fog after the fact that it seems that the nap only made you worse than before?  Behold the antidote for those situations!  If this is ever a problem with you, I would definitely have some of these on hand—very few beverages deliver just the right energy level for dealing with those sorts of things.


Two hours—no crash.


I’ll stick with Citrus Energy for my post-nap alertness needs, but if you like the flavor of Power Fruit Punch, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have it on hand.


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