Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Review for Xtreme Shock--Blue Raspberry


200 mg


Your best bet when it comes to getting a hold of this one is to find a store with a really well developed fitness supplement section, typically in the company of Bang, Spike, Redline, etc.—and if there’s nowhere around you that matches that description, just buy online.


Not really sure what to make of this one.  First off, the label is energy drink to the core—bold font and colors, lots of lightning, etc.  But the label really isn’t the first thing that catches your attention—it’s more the fact that there’s a bottle which looks like the one my favorite teriyaki sauce comes in filled with a liquid that looks like a translucent version of that dreadful Hog Wash garbage my son likes from time to time.  The result is a generally confused look that grabs your attention quicker than any aesthetic appeal it might have, and I’m not sure that inducing perplexity in consumers is really the way to go when selling your product.


In contrast with its immature appearance, which leads you to expect something sickeningly sweet and unabashedly fake, this is actually quite good—a fairly sour version of the classic flavor we all know very well with the sweetness dialed down to a significant and pleasing extent.  Most people using it to power their workout probably aren’t going to take the time to do this, but if you get the urge, try it over ice—it’s even better that way.


Xtreme Shock is marketed as a workout supplement, with claims of benefit including energy, strength, stamina, focus, recovery, etc.  It would seem intuitive, then, that one would drink it before a workout and evaluate it thusly.  Well…I didn’t drink this one before my workout.  Why on earth, then, am I posting this review?  The answer is because I found it to be exceptionally effective as a post-workout beverage.  Know the feeling you get hours after a good workout, where you feel fatigued and sore and particularly disinclined towards movement?  Well, I needed something to fix that, so I went ahead and downed the nearest energy beverage—which happened to be this.  Worked like a freaking charm—didn’t take long before I was up, about, and thoroughly energized, all muscle fatigue virtually gone and the aforementioned disinclination vanished.

Only problem—I’m allergic to something in this drink; it makes me itchy.  Pretty bearable when it’s just my hands, but really annoying once the scalp and torso get involved.  Real bummer to be allergic to such a nice drink.


Lasts about three and a half to four hours.  No crash.


As a revitalizating beverage I like this drink a whole heck of a lot; in reviewing the other flavors I will be sure to drink them pre-workout just so I can evaluate their performance under those circumstances.  In the meantime—if you don’t mind forking out almost three bucks and aren’t allergic to whatever the heck it is that makes me itchy, consider this as your recovery drink.

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  1. I dont think your allergic but it looks it has Beta Alanine and Amino acid that causes itchiness in most people till they develop a tolerance.


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