Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review for V8 V-Fusion + Energy--Pomegranate Blueberry


80 mg


Getting a 6-pack of this stuff is as easy as hitting up the local Super Wal-Mart—just head to the juice section; if you look with the energy drinks you’ll be there for hours.


Not a big fan of the bare aluminum, but doesn’t look all that bad, to be perfectly honest.  Highlights are the fruits (which put forth the image of something that’s supposed to be healthy) and the use of purple (which adds snaz).


I don’t know that this is actually healthy (only 50% juice, if I remember right), but it tastes like it could be.  Like blueberries?  Like pomegranate?  Like V8 Fusion?  You’ll like this drink.  It’s good enough that I have no trouble slarging down 3 cans in one sitting, and have to stop myself before I go through the entire pack.  Be lovely to see this in a regular-sized fusion bottle….


Not spectacular—with 80 mg of caffeine from natural sources, it’s just enough to perk you up.


Two, two and a half hours, with no crash.


No complaints about this one from my end.  It’s refreshing (especially with ice) and delivers enough of a boost to satisfy (though it wouldn’t be my first pick for anything requiring intense energy)

WEBSITE: v8juice.com

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  1. This one didn't taste too hot to me. I got energy from this one though.


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