Saturday, August 18, 2012

Review for Wired X Berry Rush


100 mg


This is a relatively new beverage, and as such it is (at least for the time being) relatively uncommon.


In times past, I’ve made it clear that I am quite partial to purple; more than any other color it has the potential to make things look awesome—if properly executed.  In the case of X Berry Rush, it isn’t.  It has the same strange, quasi-feminine flame pattern as Wired X Passion Fruit, only with a sort of fuchsia background and a strange brass color for the flames.  If X Passion Fruit had the appearance of what hell would look like if the devil were female, X Berry Rush has the appearance of what hell would look like if the devil were female and was partial to 70’s color schematics.


Wired X Berry Rush has a generic, unconvincing, chemical-y berry taste.  The only thing noteworthy is the presence of the flavor of watermelon (curious, because last I checked, watermelon wasn’t a berry—correct me if I’m wrong, botanists).


Kicks alright, but for the most part, it consists of jitters (courtesy of the large quantity of b-vitamins employed in the proprietary blend).  Personally, I like my energy drinks to have a little more substance to their kick, so X Berry Rush left me feeling pretty unimpressed.


Ballpark of three hours, 15 minutes.


Wired X Berry Rush is another subpar entry to a line of largely (notice I didn’t say exclusively or anything of the sort) subpar energy drinks.  There are stronger, better tasting berry energy drinks out there; far to many to waste time with Wired X Berry Rush.

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