Monday, July 9, 2012

Review for Slap--Lemon Ice

This drink marks the 200th beverage I have reviewed.  Last time I passed a milestone on this blog (review #100) I did so without noticing and therefore without making any sort of note with regards to the occasion—though I think it was one of the Wired beverages anyway, so my commemoration would have been pretty unexciting anyway.  Well, I was determined not to do the same for #200, so today I’m 1) making note of the fact that I have now reviewed 200 energy drinks, and 2) reviewing something actually worth some attention.


200 mg


I made this surprise find recently while driving back from Wal-Mart while visiting family in Washington.  Cruising past the larger refrigerators, I found them stocked with the usual—Red Bull, Amp, Monster, Rockstar…along with a few others exclusive to the area (reviews coming soon) that I had acquired earlier that week.  As I was about to leave empty-handed, I noticed one small refrigerator by a soda machine that I had overlooked—so just to be thorough, I decided to check it out.   Didn’t actually expect to find anything, but Lo!  Sitting on the bottom shelf was an ample supply of a Slap beverage that I had not seen before—Lemon Ice.  I purchased the can for about a buck more than I paid for all the others, got back, and did some research, hoping to see that Slap was expanding the line.  Alas—all reviews were dated a few years back, so it seems that this little gem has been discontinued, and my find was a fluke.  If you find this anywhere at all and have any sort of desire to try it out—grab it.  You probably won’t be getting a second chance.


No real qualms with the packaging.  The Slap layout with the quadratic logo looks good in yellow—and that’s all there really is to say about it.


Slap deserves props for this one—Lemon Ice is a truly delicious, expertly executed beverage.  Appropriately enough, the first thing that you get with a sip of Lemon Ice is the lemon flavor, which is not overly sour, neither is it in the least overbearing, but is more along the lines of a high-end Italian ice.  This blends in seamlessly with a delicate, earthy aftertaste, courtesy of the white tea extract the drink contains.  This is something I could easily see myself drinking often, had it not been long discontinued.


This is…an intense beverage.  A very intense one, at that.  I figured it would be very early on—I’d barely gotten through a few sips before I started to feel jittery.  I can’t say I’ve ever had a drink work quite that fast before.  Anyway, finished it off (taking my time as best I could, so as to savor it), and pretty soon I was going full force—experiencing an extreme degree of alertness and some substantial jitters.


Slap Lemon Ice, in keeping with the character of most Slap beverages, lasted the better part of six and a half hours, with no crash—most satisfactory.


I am at a complete loss as to why Slap discontinued this energy drink—it’s fantastic.  The flavor’s excellent, and it performs in a way that lesser energy drinks only dream of.  If you can, get this.  If not—I’m truly sorry.


KEYWORDS: Slap Lemon Ice energy drink review, multi-stage energy supplement, discontinued

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