Monday, July 29, 2013

Review for Nawgan--Kiwi Strawberry


110 mg


Nawgan’s made some headway since the first two beverages I reviewed last year, though it is still not terribly common I still find them at odd grocery stores once or twice throughout my travels.  Finding this one at Safeway was a first for me, however, so interested parties should 1) plan on keeping their eyes open, or 2) buy it in bulk online.


White and green bands are a bit on the plain side but still work reasonably well in this case, and, of course, the brain/maze is kinda cool.  Not much more to say other than that, except, perhaps, that otherwise informed people should be aware that this is an energy/mental performance beverage—something you might not garner unless you plan on stopping and taking a look.


I didn’t really enjoy my Nawgan experiences last year, but this one actually tastes pretty good.  Whereas in the other two the flavor seemed to receive treatment as a tertiary consideration (behind the energy/concentration blend and the low-calorie…ness), thought actually seemed to be put into this one, and there were actually a few pleasant surprises in the can—most notably the greater emphasis on the kiwi to match and balance the usually aggressive strawberry flavor and the imperceptibility of the stevia.  If only for the flavor, this is worth trying at least once.


I didn’t really give Nawgan much consideration as a mental performance beverage last time (Nawgan contains the compound citicoline, which is supposed to have some brain-boosting functions and help you concentrate…if we’re being really technical); I was more interested then in whether it would keep me awake when I was really tired.  So…this time I drank it to see if it would help me focus on tasks that required sitting and thinking.  Truth be told, I didn’t notice any appreciable increase in cognitive function, focus, etc.—but I did feel slightly more awake.


Effects lasted somewhere shy of three hours.  No crash was observed.


Tastes good, works okay.  Try it out once and let me know what you think.


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