Monday, August 5, 2013

Review for Turbo Truffle--Chocolate Mint Madness


The wrapper says “up to 120 mg”—not sure what that means; I understand it to mean that 120 is the maximum, rather than a set value.  Not encouraging.


I found this at a random gas stop/diner in Hagerman, Idaho.  Need I say more?


There’s really not a lot to critique here.  Points do come off for the aforementioned “up to 120 mg” thing, which is really too vague to be of any help, and sends mixed messages as to potential efficacy.  Other than that, it looks about like what you’d expect an energy truffle to look like, and that’s that.


I really do hate it when I have to say this, but—I’m not terribly certain that my experience was representative of what a Turbo Truffle should taste like.  If it is—well, that doesn’t bode well for the quality of the product.  As far as the flavor is concerned, this tasted alright—minty and chocolaty—but the texture was pretty unpleasant, being crumbly and generally having the feel as though they’d been sitting on the counter for quite a while.  It could very well be that these were just old, but heaven help the company if this is what a brand-new Turbo Truffle is like.


On top of not being very pleasing to the palate, this hardly kicked at all—maybe mine didn’t quite have 120 mg of caffeine, or, as I indicated, it might have been old—but in any event, these could hardly be considered useful in any situation in which one finds themselves lacking in energy, and is especially insufficient when one is falling asleep at the wheel with five hours of driving to go (personal experience).


The measly effects were felt for about an hour and 15 minutes or so—very unsatisfying indeed.


I hope to get my hands on some guaranteed fresh Turbo Truffles in the future, and at that time I may very well need to do some revising of this review once I do—but until then, my verdict is that these are all but useless.

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