Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review for Sobe Energize--Citrus Energy


81 mg


Not as common as most Sobe drinks, but still reasonably easy to come by.


If you’re looking to find this, take note that the liquid inside is orange—sorry again about not supplying pictures of full bottles.  Now, as far as packaging is concerned, Sobe does alright—only problems are 1) it has no way of separating itself from the masses of non-energizing Sobe drinks amongst which it resides, making finding it a chore, and 2) it comes in a plastic bottle.  Sobe in glass rocks, Sobe in plastic sucks.


If you’re into orange juice, this isn’t all that bad.  It’s a little sweeter and lighter on the flavor than I would prefer, but Sobe wouldn’t be as big as it is if people didn’t like this sort of thing.


The guarana in here does a really nice job of supplying a decent kick—now mind you, this is not an enormous blast of energy; rather this is the sort of drink you want waiting for you in your refrigerator if you wake up from a nap that was about a half hour longer than you’d planned and have your head so full of cobwebs you can hardly bring yourself to sit up, much less get out of bed.  A bottle of this will restore clarity to a remarkable extent without over-energizing such as very few beverages can.


Not shabby—two hours of altertness and clarity, without crash.


As far as serious energy is concerned, Sobe Energize—Citrus Energy wouldn’t be my first pick; however, it is great for a “first aid” beverage for the situation I described above.  Grab a few bottles to have waiting for you on days like that.


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