Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review for True Colors--Sugar Free




True Colors—Sugar Free is found with all True Colors energy drinks at the Big Lots energy drink graveyard.


For some reason, I find that the packaging on True Colors—Sugar Free actually works—which is weird, because I dislike extensive aluminum exposure, and I found the trichromatic “COLORS” on the original to be dull and irritating.  But here—the aluminum gives the impression of something clean, and the sparsely used colors appear vibrant enough to make up for their less-than-extensive use.  The picture doesn’t do it quite the justice it deserves, but suffice it to say that the can actually instilled within me a hope that something good might be contained within.


I knew it was too good to be true.  Mediocre Red Bull clone, appalling overuse stevia…you do the math.  It’s a pretty terrible-tasting beverage, and easily the worst Red Bull clone I’ve reviewed to date.


The kick experience provided by True Colors—Sugar Free was comparable to the rest of them—somewhat effective, but still fairly low-octane.  With the others I was critical but still able to look it over to some degree, but after the taste, the payoff is just insulting.


You’re looking about 2 hours before True Colors—Sugar Free gives out.  After that, the experience is over, and the only impression it’s made on you is a negative one.


Just…just don’t.  Stay away.  It’s not worth it.  True Colors—Sugar Free tastes really bad, and the kick is nowhere near enough to make it worth it.  Heck, with the multitude of other energy products on the market, I have a hard time thinking of a kick that would make the taste worth it.

WEBSITE: is what’s listed on the can, but don’t bother trying it.  Domain’s gone.

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