Saturday, September 28, 2013

Review for Hansen's Energy Pro


The site claims that it’s only 57 mg of caffeine, but even they admit that the actual quantity is unavailable, lost inside the drink’s 2500 mg functional blend.  I’d guess it’s closer to 75 or 80 mg.


Like all of Hansen’s other inexplicable efforts to broaden its energy drink base (notwithstanding the fact that they’re the makers of Monster, which is about as big a base as you can get outside of Red Bull) by appealing to niche consumers, this one is sparse at best; your best bet is to find it at grocery outlets (Yoke’s in Washington, for instance) with a larger-than-average specialty beverage selection.


Not by any means ambitious, but there’s certainly no ambiguity as to its purpose.  If all you really care about is knowing that this is an energy drink, then you probably have no complaints whatsoever about this can.  If, however, you like the feeling of holding something that someone 1) put effort into designing, or 2) discloses the caffeine content, you might feel a bit insecure with this in your hands.


Again…not very ambitious, but very to the point—you know what the makers of this beverage were going for when they made it, and don’t deliver any more or any less.  In this case, they’ve put out a full-bodied lemon-lime drink—a little bit sweet and not quite sour enough, but if there is such a thing as a consumer niche of aficionados for such beverages, I’m sure that they’re going to be all over this one.


And here’s why I don’t believe that this contained a mere 57 mg of caffeine—because it works just fine.  It’s not remarkable—delivering about as much of a kick as a Red Bull of the same side, only without the mental focus and a few more jitters—but it does the trick, assuming a moderate boost is all you need.


About two hours and 15 minutes passed before I felt that I’d be down for a nap, or something a little stouter in the energy department (but since I’m not addicted and trying not to get addicted again I can’t do that sort of thing anymore).


I’m not wowed by Energy Pro, but I’m sure that there are people out there that will be.  If you’re into drinks like what I described above, grab a can and let me know what you think.


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