Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review for Hydrive Energy--Recovery

If you’re reading this review with the intent of finding out whether this drink works as a hangover recovery product, I’m going to tell you right off the bat that I won’t be reviewing it as such, but fortunately for you, your head, your stomach, and everything else, Big Red Boots of possessedbycaffeine.com has, and reported complete recovery.  If interested, you can get the full review here.  I don’t drink and don’t ever plan on drinking, and that being the case I never plan on having a hangover, and have no need for hangover recovery products.  I do, however, frequently find myself in need of something caffeinated, and with be reviewing this as a beverage that gives me just that.


160 mg


Scattered, scattered, scattered.  If looking for a lone bottle I’d say you’re just about out of luck, though I would surmise that individuals looking into this for its hangover recovery properties are going to be more open to the suggestion of purchasing it in bulk from Amazon…so the difficulty of finding it the old-fashioned way doesn’t really matter.


This has all the things I like about the other Hydrive bottles (clean design and nice-to-grip bottle), plus the added awesomeness of purple.  What more is there to say?


The flavor profile of this one reminded me of grape Kool-Aid—though mercifully far less sweet and boisterous.  It’s still plenty full-flavored, even without the glycemic holocaust of all Kool-Aid’s sugar, and something I’d be just fine drinking again.  Oh…and it does a decent job of quenching your thirst.  Got to remember to put that out there.


Like Hydrive Extra Power—Black Cherry, I drank this Recovery formula in a time of great need.  My day had entailed helping a stranger change a flat tire only to find that their “spare” didn’t fit, removing an entire roomful of paneling as the beginnings of a remodeling project, and after all that making sure my 3-year-old son was fed and happy.  By the time late afternoon rolled around and the hour allotted for my run drew near, I knew I was in trouble unless I had some help.  As indicated, I don’t drink, but I figured that this would be an appropriate test for Hydrive’s recovery capacity.

Turns out it worked alright.  I wouldn’t say that I was overly energized, but I no longer felt drained, lethargic, and foggy, and was able to proceed with my 50-minute run without difficulty.  As I’ve said in previous Hydrive reviews—I generally prefer something more powerful, but in this instance, it did the job and I really have no room to complain.


Three hours no crash.


Is this a stupendous energy product?  No.  Did it work in my case?  Yes.  Do I recommend it?  Sure.

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