Friday, June 10, 2011

Review for Rockstar Juiced--Mango


160 mg


Marginally less available than Rockstar Juiced—Guava, which in turn is only marginally less available than the original.  So, in the end, it can still be said that pretty easy to come by.


The look is virtually identical to Rockstar Juiced—Guava…same layout, same diagonal repetition of “Rockstar Energy” in the background, just in orange.  Doesn’t work quite as well as the purple does, but still pretty respectable.


Tastes like a true fruit drink—sweet where it needs to be sweet, tart where it needs to be tart, more of a balance between orange and mango rather than just mango.  I was pleased with the natural flavor it had, which sets it apart from the more artificial-tasting fruit-inspired drinks, such as Amp Energy—Relaunch and Monster Energy—Khaos.


Rockstar Juiced—Mango performed reasonably well—it started to work fairly quickly, and I was not in the least disappointed with how strong it was.  Interestingly enough, I spent an hour or so of buzz time rhythmically knocking my Batman ring against the steering wheel—not sure why; I just couldn’t seem to stop myself.


The kick keeps will keep you going for a good while, probably about as long as could be asked for under most circumstances, with no crash once it’s done.


Not unlike Rockstar Juiced—Guava, Rockstar Juiced—Mango works, and it works fairly well, landing itself a place pretty high on my list of recommended energy beverages.  The taste is excellent, and will get the job done without pushing you too far over the edge, if that were something you’d prefer to avoid.


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