Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review for Tigers Blood


Somewhere around 100-120 mg


This is a gas station acquisition—you know, one of those shots you find alongside all the energy tablets, chlorophyll pills, male enhancement products, and all those other bizarre impulse buys you are all the more likely to buy after your brain has been turned to mush by 12 hours on the road.  Keep your eyes peeled, and for the love of Mike, stay away from the Shlong-a-Tron!


This bottle is, in a word, annoying.  I like that the fact that it looks so different from other shots, which makes it easy to spot among the multitude of 5 Hour clones, but the partiality ends there.  First off, it’s “Tiger’s Blood”, not “Tigers Blood”—there’s no reason or excuse for the retarded grammar here.  Second—the tiger illustrated on the bottle looks to be severely inbred…I don’t know that I want to drink inbred tiger blood.  Third, the rubber stopper’s a pain in the butt to get off.  I love the idea behind the shot, but as far as execution of the packaging is concerned, this is a colossal flop.


Actually doesn’t taste all that bad—not remarkable, mind you, but really not bad.  You into the flavor of strawberry syrup, only not nearly as thick?  That’s about what Tigers Blood (bugger that lack of apostrophe!) is.


Not too shabby—expect a decent, mid-level boost, sans jitters.  Excellent for a trip to the gym/recovery after that dang Amp you reviewed hours earlier that sent you crashing to the ground after it wore off.


Three hours, no crash.


If you can find it for cheap, this isn’t half bad.  Give it a whirl.

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