Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Review for Inko's White Tea Energy


184 mg


Regrettably, the only place I’ve seen this one make an appearance is at the local Safeway (not sure if they’re being sold at other Safeway stores?).  Hope to see it become more widely available soon.


This is one of those drinks that I can’t help but love the look of.  I love the color of blue, I love the design in the background (whose cultural origins I could not place)—heck, I'm even tickled by the use of orange in the text.  This is the sort of drink that has virtually no chance of fading into the background, whether it’s stocked with the healthier stuff or with the regular energy drinks or wherever.


I like a lot of different energy drinks, some of them enough to give a full 10/10 for taste.  I hope I have not been wanton with this blessed rating—but sometimes I feel like I have been when I encounter a beverage like Inko’s White Tea Energy.  It is so out of the ballpark in terms of flavor that it makes me want to go back and rerate every energy drink I’ve tasted—which would be a monumental pain in the butt, but almost worth it to show how much beverages like this one shine.

All right, now that you know I like it, what does it actually taste like?  Well, the most obvious thing is the white tea, which is sweet and earthy, and well balanced by tartness of the lemon and warmth of the ginger that blossom in the second half of the taste experience.  It is enormously refreshing, and especially great as a hot-day energy drink.


In addition to excelling in the taste department, Inko’s White Tea Energy excels when it comes to the kick.  You won’t experience jitters to any extent, but what you will get is a feeling of almost unmatched alertness and functionality—something I’d love to feel on a daily basis, in truth.


It would really suck if after all this, the drink didn’t deliver in terms of longevity.  Fortunately for everyone, it does!  Five hours with no crash, to be precise!


Inko’s White Tea Energy is one of the best energy drinks out there, period.  I could go on and on in terms of how delicious is and write paragraphs about how satisfactory the energy boost it delivers is, but what really impresses me is how this drink took things to the next level for me.  Every energy drink I have from here on out is going to measure up to Inko’s White Tea Energy in one way or another before it earns so enthusiastic a seal of approval.  From now on, ask me what to get if you’re looking for an energy drink, and ‘Inko’s White Tea Energy’ is going to be one of the first out of my mouth.

WEBSITE: www.healthywhitetea.com/flowers_energy

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  1. Thanks so much!

    put a link up on FB/inkostea.

  2. This is also one of my favorites, although it does have a good amount of sugar (~38g) per can, (I prefer a lower amount of sugar). I have only been able to find it at Whole Foods. Very refreshing and tasty drink.


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